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Belly Fat Exercises
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What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use Them

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Abdominal fat is most difficult fat to remove from your body. It is known to be very stubborn. It is best if you work on it inside – out. While exercise is very good for reducing and toning your tummy, you also need to eat the right kind of food. Fat belly burning foods enhance and maintain the results of your exercise programme.

Taking weight management pills to reduce your tummy is not advisable. You expose yourself to dangerous side effects. Once you stop taking them, you lose your new slim figure. Fat belly burning foods are natural, cheaper and healthier than slimming pills. They also help you maintain your reduced weight.

All you need is a slight change in your eating habits. All you need to do is to include the fat belly burning foods discussed below to your normal healthy diet. If you could make a habit of eating the vegetables and fruits mentioned here a little more frequently, you would be well on the path to reducing your abdominal fat.

But before making any changes to your diet, do not fall for the misconception of protein free or carbohydrate free foods, as they do not help but worse, make you more fat. See the video why and also how fat belly burning foods what contain protein and carbohydrates work in your body to reduce unwanted and unhealthy fat while even they help to maintain normal blood sugar level.

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Fat belly burning foods are known to be very effective when you consumed on a regular basis. What’s more they are very nutritious and make you feel energetic the whole day. You should also drink lots of water as you eat these fat belly burning foods. Water is a great way to get your bowels moving. The minimum recommended amount is 8 glasses from morning till you sleep. Do not take the 8 glasses all at once. Sip water all day or take it in intervals of between one to two hours.

Some of the fat belly burning foods are listed here. Incorporate these fruits and vegetables into your diet and see your tummy shrink with time.

  • Asparagus What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemAsparagus: It contains a substance that enables the waste to be removed from your body by breaking up oxalic acid. Oxalic acid glues fat to cells. Hence the breakup of the oxalic acid dislocates the fat. Asparagus contains additional chemical called asparagine. This is an alkaloid that stimulates your kidneys and improves blood circulation. Asparagine directly affects the blood and breaks your fat down.
  • Beets What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemBeets: Beets are great fat belly burning foods because they have a type of iron that flushes out fatty deposits in your blood corpuscles. They also have chlorine which invigorates the lymphatic system helping it to flush out any excess fat that may be floating in the system.
  • cook bruss sprouts What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemBrussel sprouts: This stimulates your pancreas which then releases the hormones. The hormones have a cleansing effect on your cells. The minerals in pancreas stimulate your kidneys whereby the waste is flushed out faster.
  • cabbage What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemCabbage: It appears on the list of fat belly burning foods because it contains sulphur and iodine. They help to clean the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. It attacks your potbelly directly.
  • Tomatoes What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemTomatoes: They contain vitamin C and Citricmalicoxalic acids. This acid accelerates your metabolic process. It also enables your kidneys to release more water. The natural acids with the enzyme activated minerals prompt your kidneys to filter large quantities of fatty deposits from your system.
  • garlic What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemGarlic: It is also highly recommended to use it in your meals because it has oils which promote the vigorous action of muscle contraction. Garlic reduces bad cholesterol and breaks down body fat.

Fruits rich in vitamin C must be part of the fat belly burning foods you eat daily. Vitamin C rich diets have been shown to burn 30% more body fat daily. These particular fruits will help you burn tummy fat faster as they are loaded with vitamin C.

  • guavas What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemRed and white guavas
  • strawberries What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemStrawberries
  • custard apples1 What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemCustard apples (please note that this is not a dessert, this is the name of the actual raw fruit as you can see them on the image)
  • ripe papaya What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemRipe papaya
  • mangoes 1 3 What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use ThemMangoes
  • Pineapples
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Bananas
  • Apples

These fat belly burning foods work because the body uses more energy to digest proteins and high fiber fruits and vegetables than it does to digest fat. More calories are burned during digestion. The vitamin C and other high fiber foods really stir up your metabolism. The citric acid breaks down the fat molecules making it easier for your body to flush them out.

Dry fruits such as driedapricots15 What Are The Fat Belly Burning Foods And How To Use Themapricots, raisins and plums are good fat belly burning foods. Dry fruits have a lot of fiber. They require more calories to digest hence your body works harder which helps in eliminating fat.

Avoid consuming fat laden food like ice cream, cracker, cookies and doughnuts. All fast food and processed carbohydrates will only undo what you are trying to achieve. Do not forget to keep yourself active by walking a lot. Whenever possible walk rather than drive or take the lift. Go on. Give the fat belly burning foods a try and see the results for yourself!

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