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Easily Get Rid of Belly Fat Love Handles

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Belly fat love handles are much more different from beer bellies this is because they form for different reasons.They also require different forms of treatment compared to stomach fat. This is because they occur due to excessive fat occurring around the oblique areas and usually are pulled down by gravity to form stomach fat. Thus exercises that target tummy fat are not suitable for fat belly fat love handles. This is because the love handles can be lost through aerobics since stomach fat exercises do not burn off the fat around the love handles as efficiently as aerobics does. Instead they justaddmuscles to the layer of fatty stomach and love handles making the belly look bigger rather than toned.


In order to lose belly fat love handles you need to combine good aerobics with good nutrition because both work together to give the desired result which is loss of love handles and toning of stomach muscles. This does not mean you cannot rely on exercises because side bends are good exercises for getting rid of love handles. Side bends are among the easiest love handles exercises. Moreover they directly target belly fat love handles. You begin the exercise by standing straight with knees slightly bent and then bending the trunk to the left and right side alternately without bending the body but keeping it perfectly aligned.


In addition you can attempt the torso twists which helps tighten abdominal muscles in order to tighten belly fat love handles since it works the muscles in that particular area. It is also crucial the body is kept straight during that exercise in order to keep good posture and allow the love handles to be directly targeted. One last form of good exercise to get rid of belly fat love handles is the interval cardio workout which involves running fast from one end of the house or from one end of the chair to the other as fast as you can for 5 minutes and gradually upping the intensity of the run so that you can burn off excess fat that create belly fat love handles.


In addition to exercise to get rid of belly fat and those love handles, you need to include good nutrition into your daily eating habits. The diets such as fiber rich food or even vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, peas or beans which keep you full for longer. Also sticking to five compact meals rather than three huge meals throughout the say can ensure that you keep pounds off. These meals however should be healthy and include protein-rich, low fat food as well as drinking plenty of water keeps you hydrated throughout the day. This small change in eating habits as well as regular exercising will ensure that the belly fat love handles are removed in a week or so if they are implemented on a daily basis.It is crucial to rely on protein to keep the love handles off because they keep the body satiated for long.Also while sit-ups and crunches should be eliminated because they target muscles without removing belly fat love handles.

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