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Belly Fat Exercises
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Options for Effective Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

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Although a lot of people are working hard on exercises to lose belly fat, not all of them actually achieve their goals. This is because of the fact that most of these people are not aware of the appropriate and best exercises for belly fat. Therefore, if you want to get rid of belly fat, do your research and make sure to consult your personal trainer and your doctor before trying anything.

Although you may want to work on eliminating your overall body fat in order to reduce belly fat, remember that there are certain exercises to lose belly fat that are more effective than others. Most of the time, people tend to go to the gym regularly and do the required workouts suggested by their personal trainers and have a healthy diet. However, they are still not successful in losing belly fat. This is because of many reasons. For one, the body is already used to the machines and the exercises to lose belly fat routines. Therefore, it is recommended to have some enjoyable exercise routines such as cardio workouts that do not require you to be inside the gym for many hours. Also, aside from cardio workouts, include other exercises to lose belly fat such as aerobic exercises, Pilates, and more.

Cardio Exercises

1. Cycling.

Although exercising on a stationary bike is a good exercises to lose belly fat, why not grab your bike and go around your neighborhood with a friend? Since stationary bikes usually have back rest, your workouts tend to be less intense. Also, cycling outdoors can give you the chance to have fresh air, explore new places and bond with your family and friends. Aside from being a good choice out of many exercises to lose belly fat, cycling can also help tone your legs.
2. Swimming. This is a cardio and a strength building exercise that can help you eliminate fat belly fat fast. This exercise requires a lot of energy and vigor, which helps build more muscle tissue and burn more fat.

3. Walking. This kind of exercises to lose belly fat are easier than running and you can do this every night after eating dinner. It is recommended to include a brisk walk after big meals in order to eliminate body fat. Another good idea is to do power or nordic walks during the morning.

4. Running. This is considered as the one of the best cardio exercise since it works the entire body. Running requires endurance and a lot of energy and if you want added benefits, it is best to run on a slope since it can help shed belly fat fast.

Aerobic Exercises

1. Kickboxing.

These workouts and exercises to lose belly fat might intimidate you but once you try this for a few times, you will see its efficiency when it comes to weight loss. It challenges the body in an entire different way because of the different kinds of movements involved. Also, the tempo of kickboxing can help you achieve a higher level of strength and lose a lot of belly fat.
2. Aerobic step classes.

It is recommended to visit step classes and do the exercises to lose belly fat regularly. The complex movements involved together with strength elements can help you push your body to do a lot of effort.
3. Stair climbing. This is an cardiovascular workout employed in the exercises to lose belly fat, that does not need you to go to the gym. All you need to do is take the stairs in order to raise your metabolism and your heart rate, which will lead to burning more belly fat.


1. Hundreds. This is a popular and effective exercises to lose belly fat as it works the lower and the upper abs. This exercise can be performed in sets of ten repetitions or more.
2. Criss-cross. This is done for the oblique muscles that are located at the waist. Do ten repetitions for each side.
3. The plank. This is the same with doing a push-up position.

Keep in mind that there is no single exercise that can lose tummy fat fast. You need to do numerous exercises to lose belly fat and make sure to follow a proven routine to succeed.

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