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Lose Belly Fat

The CDEs of Abdominal Fat – What Is The “CDE”?

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The CDEs of Abdominal Fat – What Is The “CDE”?

I mean ABCs, of course. Here’s the (rather brief) lowdown on chubby belly and love handles:




Fat is not all a bad thing. In fact, it is essential to life. What is harmful is excess fat, which is what you might call that bulge peeking out of your tee and jeans. Fat is misunderstood and easily misunderstood – despite its notoriety, it is actually what the body’s energy reserves are called. We store stuff for future use – savings, for example, and if you’ve too much of it the greater interest you get from the bank. Fat works in the same way, although if you have too much of it, it’s never good news. You only gain an interest in terms of waist size and vulnerability to serious health problems like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancer, to name a few. This is when fat lives up to its name, and it does not take much to figure out if you’re actually fat. Some people, however, ignore it until it’s too late.



If you have stomach fat that feels like it is its own entity instead of being a part of you, then you must be fat. That’s one sign. It’s good to think back if you’ve been eating the right foods – and yes, I mean those ‘guilty pleasures.’ They’re not called ‘guilty’ for nothing. You need not go on those diets with fancy names. There is only one diet to follow – a complete, balanced diet. Do not listen to naysayers and go on carbohydrate overload in the morning – trust me, you’ll need it; indulge in protein for lunch – you’ll need it for muscle growth (more muscle, less fat) and to keep you going for the rest of the day. For dinner, salads are nice – the fiber and essential nutrients obtained from fruits and vegetables perform a superb cleanup on your system and generally improve your health.




If you’re fat, you must be lacking in exercise, among other things. For most people, this word is poison. When it comes to losing weight there is nothing that people dreads more than exercise – why? Simply because it involves a lot of effort. Given the conveniences affordable to daily living, as well as the working conditions of the average person (i.e. nine-to-fives at the office, sitting on his/her butt staring at the computer all day), it is understandable to develop an aversion to such labor-intensive activities. Modern urban lifestyle also takes an unnoticeable toll on people’s bodies that they are easily fatigued that at the end of the day there is nothing they would like to do more but sink in the couch and watch their favourite primetime drama – or gossip shows. A paradigm shift when it comes to wellness and fitness often means taking up the cudgels –and dumbbells – of physical toil and exertion, which in itself is already a huge effort for most people losing the Battle of the Bulge (which Hitler by the way lost, although an entirely different battle with the same name). But in order to win, exercise is imperative.

What To Do To Lose Belly Fat


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