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What You Need to Know about Belly Fat in Women

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To lose belly fat permanently, it is essential to understand where the fat comes from. Belly fat in women is a common problem because of various factors. Generally, women suffer from tummy fat due to heredity, aging and hormone changes. In addition, a lot of women start noticing a stomach fat increase as they get a bit older especially after menopause or after pregnancy.

There are numerous differences between fat metabolism and fat storage of men and belly fat in women. Unfortunately, women suffer a bigger increase in fat percentage compared to men. In general, belly fat is made of 2 fats – the fat in the abdominal cavity or the visceral fat and the fat that is located under the skin. Visceral fat is the one that is around the internal organs including the heart and the liver. It is important to point out regarding belly fat in women that internal fat is harmful because it prevents the internal organs to work efficiently. Also, internal fat causes the metabolic syndrome, which is known to be the number one reason of death in America.

Another factor that causes belly fat in women is stress hormones such as cortisol, which is mainly produced through the adrenals. Since cortisol causes abdominal fat, it is essential to take care of the adrenal glands in order to reduce belly fat in women.

The belly fat in women different from men, women have ovaries that manufacture essential hormones – progesterone and estrogen. As women go through a hysterectomy or experience menopause, the ovaries stop manufacturing these two hormones and since progesterone and estrogen are very important hormones, another gland manufactures them – the adrenal glands.

This is the reason why the adrenal glands get stressed and produce more stress hormones including cortisol, which then causes adrenal fatigue and continue the weight gain and increase belly fat in women.

There are numerous differences between fat metabolism and fat storage of men and women. For instance, the body fat percentage in women is greater than men thus greater possibility to accumulate belly fat in women.

As ladies get older, metabolism tends to slow down to a particular degree and this will lead to fat increase and higher amount of belly fat in women. There are women who suffer from increase in waistline but they fail to notice any weight gain. This is because though you are not gaining extra fat, there is an increase in abdominal fat and a decrease in limb fat.

What one should do to decrease women’s stomach fat:

In order to lose belly fat, it is important to handle stress and recondition your body. However, it is not a good idea to just focus on eliminating stress and belly fat in women but to make the body fitter and stronger.

The first thing you need is for the nervous system to have a recovery period. This means you have to lessen stress and increase the nutrients in the cells in order to increase the fitness level. Therefore, if you are planning to pursue any tailor made shed belly fat in women exercise, make sure to consider vitamins and minerals since in general, they are crucial for a healthy body.

Getting rid of tummy fat in women with a healthy diet

In general, women overlook their diet and consume huge amount of calories. Also, women are known sometimes as emotional eaters – they eat in order to get rid of anxiety, fear and sorrow, which unsuspectingly leads to increase belly fat in women. To eliminate stubborn tummy fat for women, it is important to prevent eating fatty foods such as butter, chips, fries, mayonnaise, fried chicken, potatoes, ice cream and chocolates. Instead, it is recommended to have healthy food options including nuts and seeds, vegetables, eggs, fish, yogurt, fruits, low fat milk and others. Some nutritional advice:

Boost your metabolism

For those over 50, it is important to maintain a healthy metabolism to eliminate belly fat in women. You can do this by having a regular breakfast, drinking enough water, eating four to five smaller meals everyday and exercising regularly. It is also recommended to do a research on the food items that can help boost metabolism and reduce belly fat in women for good.

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