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Belly Fat Exercises
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Getting rid of belly fat for women no longer a hassle

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Many women are struggling to slim down and to shed their belly fat love handles. Whether we have gained weight during pregnancy or living an unhealthy lifestyle with too much junk food and too little exercise we all would like to get our waist back. Getting rid of belly fat for women can be fun and motivating when you know what to do.

Gals in teens and tweens

Getting rid of belly fat for women in their teens and tweens should not be that difficult. Younger ladies are usually more active than older women. Teens might still be growing and will need all the nutrition they can get by following a healthy diet full of fresh vegetables, fibers and protein. It has been scientifically proven that when young girls drink one glass of skimmed milk a day in combination with exercise, they are easier and faster completing getting rid of belly fat for women plans successfully if they have any of course. Young ladies often idealize the anorexic bodies without fat bellies of models they see in the fashion magazines. Instead of dieting by hardly eating anything you should rather eat small portions of lovely nutritious food more often in combination with regular exercises for belly fat. If you think you are amongst the belly fat in women sufferers or you have a little fat around the hips then you can focus on training your core muscles by doing crunches, sit ups and pushups as well as planks.

Getting rid of belly fat for women, old and young, who consume a lot of fast foods like hamburgers, deep fried chicken, doughnuts and lots of fizzy drinks and alcohol, should change their habits immediately. It could result in getting heart diseases and diabetes type 2. Getting rid of belly fat for women can be done by exercising. When you are overweight or obese then start with walking briskly. This cardio exercise will make all your muscles work and you will burn fat. Drink lots of water. It not only makes you fuller, but it enhances the fat burning as well. If you do not like the taste of water, add some sugar free flavouring drops to it, but avoid aspartame! In getting rid of belly for women adding lean proteins and fat belly burning foods to your diet is a must. There are protein powders available that don?t contain a lot of bad fat or sugar. Blend it with low fat and sugar free yoghurt or skimmed milk and fresh fruit like bananas or berries. It is not only a healthy snack; it will keep you full for longer as well and most importantly it will burn that stubborn lower belly fat.

Ladies in between 25 and 40

Getting rid of belly fat for women between 25 and 40 might be more difficult. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, but often the body craves more and not always the right foods. After having given birth we still have no time to lose weight as many of us will be lactating and so we still eat for 2. By the time we are ready to lose that extra weight number 2 is on its way. Women that are pregnant or that are lactating should follow a healthy diet that is full of vitamins, minerals, fibers and healthy fats. The fibers in beans and healthy fats like olive oil, avocados and nuts will make sure that your bowl movement keeps going. Getting rid of belly fat for women will mean that you should not drink any pure fruit juices as they contain too much sugar. Fruit juice should be mixed with water. Drinking water is always good for you as mentioned above. Core exercises are a must, particularly after having given birth. The muscles around the core have been severely punished during the pregnancy and need to get their strength back. They form part of your belly muscles.

Fat belly reduction for ladies above 40

Getting rid of belly fat for women above 40 is often a struggle. Hormonal changes and going into menopause will once again change our bodies. We will naturally create more fat on the hips and lower belly and our breasts might become a bit bigger. Elderly women should cut back on salt as this will retain water. We will have to exercise regularly. Every day a brisk walk or a swim is a great start in your getting rid of belly fat for women plan as you will use all your muscles, including the abdominal ones. Exercising will also keep our bones strong. This is important as older women often suffer from osteoporosis. An extra intake of calcium might be necessary.

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