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Belly Fat Exercises
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How to Lose My Fat Belly – An Interesting Experience

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I used to look in the mirror and wonder how to lose my fat belly. I did not like my flabby pouch at all. Many times when I wore something I really liked, my tummy would stick out and just spoil the silhouette. I decided to do something about my flabby tummy. I decided go on a quest. I love writing and loved the idea of writing myself a book even more.


After weeks of writing, I began to realize that my chubby tummy would not go away simply because I was writing about how to lose my fat belly. Pretty obvious huh? I needed stop dreaming and writing about how to slim my waist and start doing something about it.


After much research, I was sure that there was really no shortcut. There was only one sure answer on how to lose my fat belly. It was simple; a healthy diet with fat belly burning foods and a proper exercise regime.


Among the easiest and least expensive short cuts touted were diet pills. They seemed perfect solution to my inquiry on how to lose my fat belly. However, more research revealed that although diet pills trim the tummy, the effects last for a short while. In time, your body starts becoming immune to their action. Other scaring side effects of diet pills were increased heart rate, insomnia, blood pressure destabilization, dehydration, general weakness, sagging skin, break out of pimples, hormonal imbalance, dry mouth, constipation, headache, stroke, heart attack, nervousness, stomach irritation, and diarrhea. Clearly, diets pills were an absolute no no! The quest of how to lose my fat belly continued.


With diet pills off the table, I needed a good solid approach of how to lose my fat belly. I needed an approach that would get the waist slimmer and keep it that way permanently. However hard I searched, the more I came to the same conclusion – healthy eating and adequate exercise. To lose my fat belly for good, I would need to adjust my life style.


I was so relieved to learn that I did not need to starve my protruding pot into slimness. All I needed to do away with was over processed foods – the white flour, white rice, white pasta, soda pop, processed meat and other junk food. One of the quotes that I love most in my personal booklet on how to lose my fat belly is this; “If nature doesn’t give it to you, don’t give it to your waistline”. I started start eating more complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, seeds and nuts.


The other important discovery I made in my how to lose my fat belly quest was about food portions. Two profound issues here; first – the portion you serve should roughly be equal to the area of your palms spread out flat next to each other. Second – If your hands were the plate, the fingers on your right hand, those on your left hand and the flat part of both hands would represent three sections on the plate. Serve proteins on the first quarter section, carbs on the second quarter section and veggies on the third half. Simply put, fill half your plate with veggies, quarter with proteins and the other quarter with carbs.


In the how to lose my fat belly quest, I learnt that it is best to snack on fruits, nuts and seeds. One of highly recommended fruits that must feature in your flab fighting diet is the acai berry. Acai Berry How to Lose My Fat Belly   An Interesting ExperienceThis small purple berry from the Amazon has a berry flavor with a chocolaty after- taste. It is absolutely delicious. Even better, it packs an amazing nutritional punch as it is loaded with vitamins A, B1 and E, amino acids, omega fats and electrolytes. If you don’t live in the Amazon, you will not get fresh acai. You can get concentrated acai if you buy the frozen pulp or dehydrated powder to add to your juices and smoothies.


If you buy acai supplements, be careful to buy only those that maintain the nutritional profile of fresh acai. Acai berry regulates appetite, enhances digestion and improves metabolism. I added acai berry to my healthy diet as I realized that it is a great catalyst in my quest of how to lose my fat belly.


With my diet sorted out, all I needed was an exercise regime that was fun and simple. My search took me to Nordic walking. nordicwalking How to Lose My Fat Belly   An Interesting ExperienceAs you walk, you plant a Nordic pole in front of you. This creates a full body movement. The walking is an aerobic exercise and the pole movement is a body toning exercise. It causes you to use 90% of your body’s muscles. I was very excited to read studies that show how Nordic walking reduces the circumference of the waist in twelve weeks and it gave me a good tip regarding how to lose my fat belly fast. The healthy diet and Nordic walking regime has paid off in less than three months. I am now flaunting my flat tummy proudly. I feel and look very healthy.

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